Informed consent

The GENEFOOD, GENEFOOD PLUS and GENEFOOD VITA + kits are in possession of CE certificate and are intended to collect a saliva sample that will have to be sent later to an authorized genetics laboratory. Therefore what was delivered to her IS NOT A GENETIC TEST but only the necessary to perform the self-blood sample.

As with all genetic tests, once the sample arrives at the laboratory, the national legislation requires , for the execution of the test, the subscription of an appropriate informed consent that we report below and that will have to read carefully, understand and subscribe.

    1. The genetic tests that will be performed will evaluate only those mutations called “susceptibility polymorphisms” that are recognized among those considered responsible for the errors of the metabolism.
    2. We must inform you that there are, however, several other genetic mutations, beyond those studied, and that can also affect the metabolism. Their numerosity and their variety is so complex that it cannot be understood in a genetic test of this type but, as needed, your attending physician who will examine your mutations may require in-depth analysis that you will be free to perform. Their numerosity and their variety is so complex that it cannot be understood in a genetic test of this type but, as needed, your attending physician who will examine your mutations may require in-depth analysis that you will bee to perform.
    3. The strictly genetic interpretation of the test is reserved exclusively for health professionals. We urge you not to search interpretations inddently or by consulting the web.
    4. For these tests, as for all genetic tests even more complex, a genetic counseling is provided that you may request at the Altamedica Centre when it does not understand perfectly what is reported in this informed consent.
    5. The result of genetic testing should be interpreted only by the specialist physician therefore, what you will be given in the answer is only a technical evaluation of the problematic that can only be understood by the doctors.
    6. The results of the genotype will include a list of recommended, toleratedor avoidedfoods based on current scientific knowledge but set exclusively to the results of the only polymorphisms studied.
    7. Since it is a targeted study (specific mutations) this is not able to assess the clinical situation in its complexity.
    8. As such tests are absolutely valid and reliable, it is reiterated that only the treating physician can include them in the evaluation of his dietary behavior. In fact this can differ, case by case and subject by subject, according to the general clinical condition.
    9. It is reiterated once again that the list of foods recommended, tolerated and not recommended, refers exclusively to the results of the genetic examinations practiced here . It should never be considered a diet, but only a nutritional indication. Only the treating physician can then determine whether it is appropriate to his case and suggest changes in the restrictive or permissive sense, based on the general clinical evaluations of his anamnestic and health state.

IN CONCLUSION: I declare that I fully understand the meaning of this informed consent and I subscribe it aware of the fact that the Institute, before the test, is available, at my telephone request,to provide further genetic advice, in case remain doubts about his interpretation.

Artemisia S.p.A., located in Viale Liege N. 41, Rome, as data controller, according to the Art. 4 and 24 of Reg. EU no. no 2016/679 informs you that the data collected will be managed in compliance with the provisions of the existing legislation, Directive no no 2016/680 and the EU Regulation No 2016/679 (to articles 12, 13, 14) We inform you that, since it is sensitive data referred to in art. 9 GDPR, on the protection of personal data (i.e. suitable for revealing genetic, ethnic, health and sexual origins) we are obliged to retain absolute anonymity on your person if the data were to be used for research purposes and should be the subject of publications in scientific literature (the anonymous scientific publication of the results is permitted).

I authorize, absolving from all responsibility Artemisia SpA of Rome located in Viale Liege 45, to activate the procedure of on-line reporting linked to my personal data sheet, in order to receive the results by mail on my explicit request (mail supplied by me on this form) and/or to consult and collect them on-line through Internet, accessing the website www.refertiartemisia.it

I authorize to leave the report available on line, over the 45 days provided by LL GG in the subject of on-line reports-19 November 2009 (O.J. N. 288 of 11 December 2009).

I authorize to insert me in the ALTAMEDICA newsletter to receive information on the services provided by the structure.