GeneFood WHY

Made entirely in Italy in one of the major Italian genetics institutes

The Laboratory of Genetics and Molecular Biology at ALTAMEDICA has the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification and has the most modern and advanced technologies available.

GeneFood tests are not sent abroad in laboratories not controlled by our Health System, as is the case with other Nutrigenetic distributors. Nor is it sent in anonymous external service as in other cases. This allows total reliability; of the analytical process that can be followed and verified in every part and also allows to contain the costs avoiding “steps” economic between several subjects.

ALTAMEDICA Laboratories with over 40 years of experience in molecular biology and hundreds of thousands of examinations carried out, performs high quality exams thanks to a structure organized as follows:


Presence of bioengineers molecular geneticists able to “draw” the libraries to be produced “targhetizzandole” on the basis of current scientific knowledge continuously updated by the largest and most accredited databases. All this on the indications of the SIANP experts


Presence of one of the largest and most complete structures of existing genetics and molecular biology that can count on: automatic DNA strenghts using QiaSynphony, quantified Dosages of DNA Agilent Bioanalizer, DNA Amplifiers (Kiagen, Thermofisher, Biorad), DNA Analyzers by PCR real time (Biorad) and Digital real time (ThermoFisher) of the latest generation, a vast and complete park of next generation sequencers (Next Generation Sequencing), both of production Illumina (in the different models available) and ThermoFisher, Sanger Sequencers of Thermo etc. .


Presence of a dedicated bioinformatics section, able to provide the patient and the clinician, through specific programs and applications specifically studied, “legible” and easily “interpretable” results of the data provided by the DNA samples sequences.


 I.T structure cutting edge

Tested and approved by the Scientific Society

The Nutrigenetic GeneFood tests have been studied, tested and scientifically evaluated by researchers of the Italian Nutrigenetic Society and Personalized Nutrition (S.I.A.N.P.)

Built on the basis of the most accurate international research and on the most accredited scientific publications of nutritional genetics, GeneFood has considered the analysis of a large panel of mutations and genetic polymorphisms for which there is unanimous consensus on their effect in the metabolisms taken in exam. This process of “analysis, selection and filtering” is defined, in genetic “targhetizzazione”.

Other tests of nutrigenetics have not performed this “filter” and propose a list, although numerous of genes includes, however, mutations or polymorphisms where there is not yet clearness about their responsibility or even their function.

From these tests, often the same nutritionists and dieticians can not draw conclusions or make clinical decisions because they are too broad, confused and sometimes even contradictory.
If we examine mass alterations, without a prior analysis of what we can and what we must explore, we risk having only done a genetic examination devoid of any practical utility.

From the focused genetic analysis, the experts in nutrition, based on the most complete tables and nutritional databases, have provided bioinformatics with the basic nutritional elements through which they have been able to build a perfect application program in which, inserting mutations and polymorphisms or intolerances and errors of metabolism investigated, lists of recommended foods, tolerated or advised against personalized for each individual subject.

This personalized bioinformatic analysis on the individual genetic imprint allows each of us and also Nutritionists and Dietitians to build the dietary indications on foods best suited to the individual subject, avoiding to provide potentially harmful indications.

Tested and approved by the Scientific Society

 As already mentioned GeneFood is not limited, like all tests of nutrigenetics, to list an arid and incomprehensible list of genes with polymorphisms or mutations without a meaning that is understandable to the user and often difficult to decipher even by professionals.

GeneFood ™, thanks to a sophisticated bioinformatics program, purposefully built, will translate all those arid information into three complete lists of nutrients, listing them and distinguishing them, based on their genetic profile, into three food categories:




This is the true “answer” of the test. A simplification of the data extracted from the analysis of DNA, which allows, immediately, to draw conclusions and feed in harmony with our constitution.

GENEFOOD will therefore be a health tool because it will allow:

common user

that wants to adapt its nutrition to the personal and specific genetic constitution, to set its feeding in a correct way avoiding, or delaying to the maximum, the onset of health problems.

to the professional

which will be able to calibrate and build the “diet” of its patient, using only the most appropriate foods to the genetically-set metabolic substrate of the individual.